Monday, November 24, 2008

34 Degree Weinie Roast

What are we thinking? We always like to clear out the freezer before the holidays and we found a couple packages of hotdogs and thought, why not a weinie roast? However, it felt warmer yesterday when we planned it. Tonight it is just plain cold! (and yes, Larry is still in shorts) We couldn't tell the difference from the fire smoke and our own breath! We huddled around the fire to cook our weinies and then watched 24 Redemption that we had taped. Yes! Jack is back saving the world. I think the show has always been violent, but this one was really hard to watch... not sure we are going to follow it like we thought we would. If we do, it will need to be earlier in the day. It's not the kind of show to watch right before you go to sleep.


Becky said...

How fun..a hot dog roast in winter. Who says it's only for summer time! That's what memories are built on, doing things out of the ordinary. Wish I was there. Love you all. Isn't blogging fun!!!

Birrell Family said...

I knew you would like it! I can't wait to read all the things you are going to share :)
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