Sunday, November 23, 2008

St. George Quick Trip

Larry, Linds, Ash, Paul and I left early Saturday morning for a quick trip to St. George for the wedding of Chelsea & Marcos. The temple sealing was beautiful and we wish them both much happiness together. Even though it was a super fast trip, it was wonderful to see everyone in the family. Nice job Julie & Hal.

Friday night, Abby's eyes started burning and we called her eye doctor. He recommended special eye drops to get her by until morning and left her in good hands with Katie & Kelsie. Thankfully she will be ok.

Memories of our trip:
Larry & Paul sat up front and managed the driving and Ipod. Sitting in the middle of Ash & Linds in the backseat and bonding. Playing name that artist on the Ipod (1 pt per correct guess, 1/2 pt. if we don't like the song, -2 pts for wrong guesses). Ashlee dibbed that Paul is a meany face. Larry's brother Scott's loud whispering at the wedding luncheon. Lindsey making the glasses cling right before the prayer. Lindsey was our number one complainer about being stuffed in our smaller car all the way up and back. BYU vs UTAH After the down mood of the BYU game I asked "Are you guys going to make the trip home fun for me or do I have to reteat into my own world?" Ashlee HATES the word negate. I challenged her on the word infamy thinking she didn't know what it meant. The Chevron bathrooms in Fillmore UT are worthy of a stop, we are always in awe of them. The lights in each stall turn on individually when you walk in.... adding a spa like quality to our stop. Lindsey making her arm flab flutter under the hand drying machine... way cool! No one has any business eating a banana in a car... they stink. Lindsey's effort to mask the banana smell with her Blueberry Breeze hand sanitizer was roll the windows down fast awful. My inverted popcorn bag would make a great 72 hour warming device. Somehow Lindsey & I ended up all wet the last 2 hours of the trip... water bottles are not allowed in our vehicles anymore. Being together time. Getting home to sleeping kids on the couch and falling asleep in our own beds... ahhh!
Marcos & Chelsea


Becky said...

Thanks for the memories. If I closed my eyes I was there. Give my girls a big, big hug. Glad you are home safe. There is no place like home.

Birrell Family said...

We need another road trip Becky... maybe you, Scott & the boys can come with us to the Redwoods or Glacier???
Remember the last trip when Larry told the girls when they were miserably listening to Paint Your Wagon songs that it wasn't about them,it was about us???

Carrie said...

I'm so glad you stopped in FILLMORE! I hope you thought of me. In fact, I worked at that very Chevron station the summer after my freshman year of college! Lucky me. See, good ole Utah small towns aren't so bad. You should try Larry's Drive In sometime too. Good burgers. And a good name. By the way-- tell that Larry hi for me! You guys are great. Hope all is well!

Decker Family said...

Great re-cap of the road trip. I can invision it all! Families are GREAT. Your old friend from W-A-Y back- Karen

Brittany and Scott said...

sounds like you guys had a blast. and chelsea looks so pretty.