Friday, October 17, 2008

San Francisco Day Two

Today we took our time getting ready. Actually, as lame as it sounds, hanging out in our room is always one of our favorite parts of a trip. Not sure why, it just is. Maybe it's because in regular life so much is coming at us and then when life slows down, we grab on to these moments to just be.

It is easy to notice that not too many people look you in the eye when you pass them here. Must be the big city element. I don't like that. I miss friendly strangers. I also notice when you get a lot of people into one small confined area it starts to smell like dinner has gone way bad, but you don't know who to blame it on.

Alcatraz was incredible. It's been our favorite so far. I think I could live there. Everything is so old and weathered and there is a story everywhere we look. Kelsie said she could too, but apparently only for 3.5 hours. After that, she told us she felt like a prisoner on the island. My one souvenir I will take home from this trip is my rock from Alcatraz (Thanks Larry!) Kelsie told me it was stealing and that was why people came to Alcatraz in the first place.

Afterwards, we went to a diner to get something to eat and headed back to watch Get Smart in our pj's.

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Shantel said...

I am so jealous- It looks like you guys are having a blast! I love the pictures of family at the beach. Your girls are so cute! XOXO