Thursday, October 16, 2008

San Francisco Day One

Memories of today:
This trip is just for Larry, Kelsie, Abby & I. Kelsie gave me that look at the airport that said, "I have to spend four days with these people." I did not remember taking off or landing, my head hit Larry's shoulder and I was out. I think we were all tired today from too many late nights. When we drove around here tonight, Kelsie said she likes her sheltered life, she doesn't want to get killed by gangs, she's not into that. Trying to figure out what the gay/lesbian car of choice is in San Francisco. We thought it was the Element or Forester, but instead it could be the PT Cruiser... we've seen a lot of those. We are not shoppers. Kelsie has text service so she is happy :) Political withdrawal for me as try I to limit my political viewing... it consumes me and is making me frustrated & angry. Good lunch in Sausalito, funky dinner - were those nachos? Waiting to see how long it would take Kelsie to say she was getting nauseous in the back seat on the wind-y road to the John Muir Redwood Forest (3 minutes) Our hike through the redwood forest and time at the beach. The redwoods smelled so good, I thought of Ash the whole time. Favorite memory of the day? Anticipating our pjs in the hotel and hoping we can stay awake long enough to watch Get Smart.

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paul & ashlee said...

even on vacation, you are still blogging! impressive love and miss you guys!