Saturday, October 18, 2008

San Francisco Day Three

Today we rode bikes across the Golden Gate bridge and around Sausalito. I think we had a gusty wind blow against us the entire time... uphill. Ugh! I believe it must be a guy thing that they like to know where they are going and they sure don't like to feel lost. I being a girl would just ask. I could tell he was getting frustrated with the traffic & the not to scale map. The more I laughed or asked questions, the more frustrated he would get... in Larry's kind way of course. We were so happy to get back, with sore bottoms I might add. It was a good way to see the bridge up close. I irritated the heck out of them every time I stopped to take pictures. How fun can a trip be for me with three people that don't like their pictures taken? I was in picture heaven and they apparently were in picture hell. Kelsie would just smile and say under her breath to Abs that she just wanted to get to the bridge so she could jump off. Of course she was only half kidding... but I think she would have been a jumper.

The guy from the bike place recommended a little hole in the wall place call Pacific Catch for fish & chips and we took a long walk through town to get there. I felt bad for Abby. First meal of the day and she didn't like it at all. The rest of us loved it. We ate her lunch. Nothing else on the menu appealed to her.

I love the little businesses scattered all over the city instead of the homogenized big box chain stores. The markets, restaurants and antique shops. Heck! Even the dry cleaners look quaint. I think I could live here, but then everything is built on top of each other and I know I need space. It's way cool to visit, but always good to get home.

We road the cable car. After an hour of waiting in line, Larry & the girls wanted to leave, but I wouldn't go until we rode. We stayed and waited. By the time we got on, it was getting cold & dark, but to pass the time we listened to a guy playing some good James Taylor music. Who comes to San Fransisco and doesn't ride the cable car? We were packed in like sardines. I think Kelsie & Abby saw arm pits instead of the city most of the time and I kneed the guy directly in front of me when we went over a bump. He flinched and clearly was in discomfort. It probably would have been awkward, but frankly it was humorous. He was in my space and it made me chuckle inside as we shared this intimate moment. We are glad we rode it and will do it again on another trip, a warmer day. Hot cocoa warmed us up, though since we bought it at Starbucks, Kelsie kept thinking it tasted like coffee, when actually it was just the fanciest hot cocoa she's ever had. She didn't like it.

We dropped in bed, cold & tired and watched Iron Man. It's days like today that make for the best memories. It felt good to spend the day outside.

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paul & ashlee said...

you sure do take beautiful pictures. can't wait to see more when you get home. love you madly and miss you all like crazy!