Sunday, October 19, 2008

San Francisco Heading Home

Today we had a lazy morning, though Larry chose to call it relaxing. We woke up and then I had another morning nap. Then we got lost as we drove and talked our way around the city. It was a cold day. I think Larry is in love with 'Carmin" our GPS voice girl. Their relationship is growing deeper. She can talk him into going anywhere, correctly knows left from right and is quick to recalculate when needed... the perfect driving companion. Favorite part of our trip? Alcatraz came in first for Larry, Abs and I. It came in second for Kelsie. Josh easily came in first for her and he wasn't even there :)

As we drove around this city today, I am amazed how sheltered our girls are. We drove down Haight & Ashbury street, Kelsie looked at all the people and wondered why they weren't in church, they would be happier she said. When we noticed the pair of legs hanging out a store window, Kelsie said, "I guess I don't like that stuff, I like temples." They both do not see any lasting enjoyment coming from bad habits. Period. I am amazed by their strength and their one mindedness as they look at life. They love the Lord. They are good through and through. Yes they will have their share of struggles and trials are sure to come their way, but their faith will help give them strength and comfort thoughout their lives.

I look at life and often wonder why some people are happy with a simple family life and others are drawn to the instant thrills, flash & entertainment. Where one will find joy & comfort, another will be bored. I really do think that once you peel away the differences, most people are more similar than different. We all want to love and be loved. We all just try to fill that need differently and often in the only way we know how. Deep thoughts huh?

It's good to be home. I love my life, I just don't always realize how much I do until I go away and come back.

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