Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paul's New Friend

Tonight Paul brought over a new friend he found at work. It's totally cool and sure jumped around a lot when we would blow on him. Larry & the girls kept their distance and were nervous even from across the room (We're backwards at our house with things like this, Larry is very much like the girls and I'm like the boys). We're wondering what to feed him. Paul took it home and I bet Ashlee is having a hard time sleeping.


Mackey Family said...

Speaking of SPIDERS . . . I just killed a Black Widow tonight in our home. Mandi FREAKED out! It was a strong sucker that took 4 shots of spray to take her down. I showed Mandi what Paul brought home and she got goosebumps and FREAKED out even more.

Decker Family said...

So WHERE would you FIND something like this? I want to make sure I stay far away.

JoJo said...

UHHH A SPIDER! It looked cool it must of been intresting to watch! Love YA Josie