Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OHS Parent Teacher Conference

Highlights of the Day:
It's weird I know, but I kinda like going to OHS Parent Teacher Conference. The teachers that my kids have had through the years are the best of the best! We have a lot of love & respect for them. They are here because they love the kids and our kids have always known that. I get to go and say thank you, you are much appreciated :) Not a bad way to spend a few hours. Upon my arrival home, Kelsie likes to go through teacher by teacher and hear what they say, word for word. Even more so, she likes to know what I said, in hopes I didn't embarrass her. She does love to learn.

Standards Night in Young Women's. Ashlee ended up making all the Chicken Cordon Bleu while I was at OHS. I showed up just as it started. We watched a John Bytheway talk and had an extra yummy dinner...

We finally sold the big desk out in the garage... yippee! We can get a car in the garage this winter.

Downer of the Day:
Even more lost confidence in our politicians. Can it go any lower? What are the other options? What are they thinking? I actually don't think they are. I think that once a politician gets to a certain level, they lose touch with people and common sense. I wonder how they are thinking it's ok to buy back homes at high value. I wonder why they are not offering a low fixed rate to these home owners and let them work towards bailing themselves out. It's the only way for the market to right itself in a responsible way, instead of putting an artificial band-aid on it. The kicker to all of this is the laughable idea that the government is going to manage all of this efficiently and be fiscally responsible. How are they going to do this when the CEO's of these organizations were allowed to walked off with compensation plans worth millions after they lost millions of people kabillions of dollars. Where is the accountability and common sense? Who are we going to bail out next? I don't agree with this tentative plan and hopefully it will be revised. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH this is craziness and yet I continue to watch, hope and pray for this country of ours.
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