Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bubble Race

We are the first to admit the bubble game is lame. A waste of time. Anyone can do it. It's one of those games that when we play it, we know we will never have that time back... but we can't help ourselves. The thrill of being the best drives us on. Bring it on Kelsie! ... and Paul, you're not even in the race right now!


Judi said...

so Brenda, what is the bubble game

BionicKatie said...

Hey Birrell Family. Your blog looks cute. Check out mine at BionicKatie.blogspot.com. Here is beth and dan's if you want it. threelittleduckies.blogspot.com.

Katie A.

JULIE said...

aaaAAAAA you have a blog?! i love you, birrell family. especially my long-lost sunday school teachers.

Julie (Garbutt)


Birrell Family said...

Hey Judi,
The Bubble game is just a free downloadable game on our iphones... but it's sure fun! It was good to see you at the shower.