Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time off with Larry

We actually went away? Larry surprised me with a quick trip to San Diego. I spent half the time thinking this is weird because we never do it and the other half of the time wondering why we don’t do this more often. When we flew to San Diego, we got in our red Mustang rental car and headed to our Hotel. On the way over, we were stopped at a red light and a car with two men were eyeing us and said ‘Nice’. I of course said, ‘Oh yes! it was’ and they gave me a surprised look. Then it finally occurred to me that they were talking about the car. I laughed and told them “Oh! I thought you were talking about the weather! This car isn’t ours, it’s a rental!” We all agreed that the weather was wonderful and they said it is like this 365 days a year. I would have to say that no one has ever eyed my Forester and said ‘Nice’.

We went through the USS Midway Museum yesterday for about four hours. It was so interesting. My favorite part was talking with past war veterans that were on the aircraft carrier as we walked through. I think Larry and I were both surprised that the ship was as self contained as it was and we left with a greater respect for those that have served our country and a greater love for our country. I would urge everyone to go and spend time there. How blessed we are to live in this country! The silent majority had better start speaking up!

Last night we had dinner over in Coronado and then we went and layed on the beach. A blanket of fog quickly came in and covered everything. It was eery watching it come in and it cooled down quickly. I was looking forward to seeing Larry ‘frolick’ in the waves... (his words). But, that will have to wait for another trip ... hopefully soon!
- Brenda

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