Sunday, June 22, 2008

Becky & Ethan Visit

Becky & Ethan came to visit! Yippee! Yahoo! The girls and I always look forward to her visits as we quickly clear off our schedules for “Becky Time”.

Every morning Becky likes to go walking... and boy can she walk fast without breaking a sweat! Now picture me alongside her as I sweat and pant and basically struggle to keep up with her. I clearly have a lot to do to get into shape. The girls do a better job keeping up. This is why I was puzzled when we all rode bikes down to Utah Lake to see Mom. I lead the way and Becky struggled to keep up. I wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Hmm, I thought smuggly . . . maybe Becky has me on walking, but can’t touch me on the bike? Could this be? Must be. She is 20 feet behind me and I find myself waiting for her. Well, we get to Mom’s and Becky discovers that she has a flat rear tire! Then I laughed at myself for even beginning to think that I was in better shape than Becky! We picked up Mom and continued on our bike ride to Utah Lake. It was fun.

We went hiking to Stuart Falls and had a great time. We wanted to go under the falls which was brain freeze cold all over our bodies! The only thing more unbearable than the freezing water were the pictures after of me after... Uck! We came home and went to Mom’s for yummy taco salad and a competitive game of Phase 10 with Mom and sisters. That is always one of the most fun nights together. Tim Russert passed away today. Very sad.

Ethan was able to go down the Olympic Toboggin run when we spent the day in Park City. I asked the lady if people get sick and she said they sometimes wet themselves too. Not Ethan, he was was a real trooper. We also went on the Alpine Slide and the Coaster (twice because a man slowed us way down).

We went swimming to Betty & Joe’s, went for walks, played Rummikub while the boys made us malts,, visit from Anita, backyard outdoor movie, Transformed Becky into an FLDS woman just for her TN friends (Crazy as it seems, I think they believe this is how Utah is?), homemade dinners and just hanging out (my favorite).

Before we knew it she was gone and as usual, it takes a couple of days to adjust to life without her and even then there is a hole. She is such a joy and blessing in my life.


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