Sunday, June 1, 2008

Conrad's First Bike Ride

Larry, Abby and I took Conrad on his first bike ride yesterday around what we call the circuit, which is down, around and up the river bottoms. We loaded him up with soft blankets, plenty of toys and by the time we came home he was sound asleep.

Kelsie, Abby and I went to Target yesterday to pick out some new summer clothes. Generally we like to all be in the large dressing room together and we have a good time laughing at all the styles as they decide what they like, love or gotta have. They both help pay, so they are pretty careful what they buy. The lady working in the Target dressing room was a beast. I don’t get out too often and when I do, it is probably best that I don’t go out on Saturdays- I think Kelsie and Abby would agree.

This past week, Larry has been telling us not to plan anything after 9pm on Saturday. We watched National Treasure 2 out in the backyard together on the grass. He surprised us and got new speakers so we could actually hear the movie as did half the neighborhood. Lindsey treated us to these cool island sorbets that came in little pineapple and coconut shells. It was a real fun night.

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