Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall Time at Home

Here is our month of being home memories...

Ellie should come with a warning ... everyone falls in love with her. 
Never has there been such a good natured, huggable  baby

Abby and her friends celebrate Miranda's birthday
Jack and Lucy share a book

Our sweet little Rapunzel Phoebe

Conrad likes to watch himself eat lately... keeping it tidy

Morris likes the magnifying mirror

Ashlee and babies make a very nice pillow for Jack... 
He finds comfort playing with her neck

Birthday Gelato with Conrad... surprised with his messy face : )

Disney just came out with Inside Out movie... love it!

The grandkids like to look at the lion book and pick out the kind of lion 
they are going to be. Then they like to take turns preying upon each other, 
dragging each other around and eating each other.

Katie at Pebbles with a surprise visit from Ashley and Michelle

First snow of the season...

Our neighborhood snowman stayed in the middle of the street for 
5 days before falling over...

I went to SunRiver  Gardens and Hobby Lobby  with Kelsie and Lindsey
to get some natural looking greenery. Then we came home and
cut down some bendable tree branches and made wreaths.
I think they turned out beautiful and are already hanging up 
on the doors to welcome Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

Becky said...

Love your modge podge of pictures showing life. Got tickled with Morris looking in the mirror like big darling. Tell Conrad to keep up the tidy eating and that eight year old boys eat tidy. Nothing like a mirror to reflect who we are. Also loved your snowman in the road and bet your neighbors were also seeing how long he would stand. Tell my Charles hello and give him a great big hug. So glad he made the trip to Utah and thank you for your loving care.