Monday, October 26, 2015

Hell on Wheels

Another week has gone by. I am constantly turning things over in my mind, but meanwhile I am trying to be productive, both at home and at work, though granted I feel like I am failing at both. My mind is not fully in either place. Watching Hell on Wheels has been a nice, but temporary diversion for me. I started it with Larry and Abby, but have swiftly moved passed them this week as I am almost finished with season 4. Yes. It is that good. I will be happy to re-watch with them though.

I went to counseling on Wednesday for tweaking as I call it. Sometimes we need a little help getting over some of the bumps in life. Bumps that I thought I had worked through and new bumps. Actually, I am a believer that everyone would benefit from it. A wise friend told me today that in years past we would sit around a quilt and visit and share and that was our therapy. So true. I miss those times. I am grateful that I have a network of close friends that I love very much.

I went with Bigelow's to Pumpkinland and watched Morris put pumpkin after pumpkin in his wagon. He knows what he wants and goes after it! I thought I would try to find a pumpkin field to go to next year for better pictures.

Found a nifty pink trike for Lucy at a thrift store this week. No. 
I did not do my hair today. This is my nap hair.

We painted the laundry room white this weekend and cleared it out.

Little white lights bring a night time charm to Pebbles

Bigelow Family Fall of 2015




Sunday Dessert... Homemade Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with 
Fresh Raspberry Whipped Cream Frosting. Yum!

 We go to sleep at night listening to Abby & friends :)

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