Sunday, October 18, 2015


This week was one of those catch up, work late and nothing much happened kind of weeks. Austin's Missionary Homecoming was today and  we gathered to hear  about his mission at church.  Afterwards we lunched and visited at Scott and Jill's. It was nice,

Ashlee's pregnancy is slowing her down and we are doing our best to lighten her load at Pebbles. Trying to simplify work as much as possible seems out of my grasp, but the girls are pitching in and hopefully we will make all of our loads lighter. We are working on bringing in new items at Pebbles and freshening things up as a team. Feeling very thankful for my girls as we try to figure out the future of Pebbles that is best for all of us. I am in constant prayer. I feel peace at night and then second guess God in the morning. It is a process...

Larry and I are going through the house, one room at a time. This weekend we cleaned our bedroom and bathroom from top to bottom, removed everything that did not belong or was not wanted / needed. It feels good. Very good in fact. It looks pretty bare and I realize that I have very little connection to stuff. Just my peculiar stuff that really has no value. Bits and pieces that I gather through life.  I realize I move piles from one room to another. and it's generally the same stuff through the years. It's time to make a decision and put it in it's final resting place or get rid of it and begin to make better choices moving forward.

 Austin and Abby
Rifle Paper just arrived at Pebbles. A late night organizing Pebbles
with Lindsey, Katie & Abby

Laundry room is next...

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