Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sledding Time

We had every hope that this year would bring us plenty of snowy days, especially after the big storm we got after Christmas. It's now middle of February and it has sadly not snowed since. But when it does, we hold our breath and cross our fingers. Once it sticks to the road, the trick is to get out and sled before the snow plows come out. All a matter of timing. We started in the church parking lot, but the snow plows got there after awhile and the driver was clearly impatient with us, so we moved to Cascade school. This year, with my back, I did not sled, but found joy capturing and being part of the fun. Great memories!!!

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Becky said...

It gets physical doesn't it!! I think I would be in the car with you and cheering them on. Our girls have a little competitiveness in them too. Cute hat on Lucy...she has the most beautiful eyes.