Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ellie at One Month

I have done a miserable job keeping up on our family blog lately... finding holes here and there that I have missed. I vow to get caught up and stay caught up by the first of the year. Yes! I believe in family history and hope that one day, looking back on all of this will matter. 

Here is our Ellie at one month with Lindsey. Lindsey is over the moon in love with Ellie. She is usually quite happily swaddled in a blanket and reminds me of a burrito, especially when Tyler wraps her up. She is passed around into the open arms of everyone in the family and is so very loved by all of us.

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Becky said...

I was so happy to finally see pictures of Ellie. I check facebook daily for pictures of the kids so they can post that way too. Love these pictures of mom and babe. Our little Ellie is a snuggler and so beautiful.