Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Wedding in Vegas

We took a quick trip down to Las Vegas for my niece Jennifer and Mike's wedding on 12.13.14, along with 1,000's of others brides that circled this monumental date on their calendars too. I am grateful for a loving husband that supports the important things in life by my side. Ashlee, Paul and Jack came down with us. I am so very glad we came. My nephew Matthew was there also and when I saw him, I could not stop crying. The tight, long hug felt so wonderfully comfortable. He brought his wife Heather and they are making their home in Texas. He is very happy and doing good.  I pray that Jennifer and Mike will be blessed as they begin their life together. I have missed these two. 

The next morning, we drove over to see my uncle Randy and his new wife Teresa. I really liked her and found out she has a daughter in Salt Lake. They will be up to Utah in the fall. He is my Dad's youngest brother and was my favorite uncle growing up. I had a wonderful weekend seeing my family.


Jennifer and Matthew

Matthew and Heather

Jennifer and Mike

Jennifer with Ashlee, Paul and Jack

Ashlee in heaven at the Carlos Bakery of TV's Cake Box

Hotel time...

Uncle Randy and Teresa

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Becky said...

Everyone looks so good.I know it meant the world to Matthew and Jennifer to see you at the wedding. Yes, memories are racing through my mind... We are so happy for Uncle Randy too. Thank you Larry for taking Brenda!