Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tennessee Bound with a Good Book

I am off to Tennessee. I have been packed for a few days and am so excited to get there. I will miss home, but my heart is here also. This time I left in a bit of a slump and hope to bring back a new attitude. I would imagine those at home are praying for this also. Kris picked me up and I spent the first couple of days with her visiting the Visser's and catching up. Becky is coming home from her trip to upstate New York to see Scott's parents and I will spend the rest of my time with her when she gets back. I long for the days when my Dad was here. I know Kris does too. I believe I could talk to Karen Visser for three days straight... I love her family!

My current read... most excellent

Me, Kris and Karen Visser at Suba's for lunch... homemade food at it's best

Sunday at Community Church. Love this place. Love the people.

Shay, Brooklyn, Laura and Martina... my girls

Brenda, Karen and Kris

Meagan and Holly

Love the church signs...

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