Tuesday, October 21, 2014


My time with Becky. I have done nothing but just be. I need this time with my sister and thank the Lord for her each day. I hate being so far away from her, but know I am blessed that she stays right in my heart always. A lot of my friends follow her on her blog at mylittlehive for a peak into her country life. I am the city mouse that longs for the country life and time with my sister. I am thankful for this week and pray it goes slowly.

I get to wake up with the sun. I love my bed with two sets of windows.
And no, I have not fully made the bed since I have arrived. 
I call this half made and ready for a nap.

I am still laying in bed and watching the world wake up

Feeding the elk some nuts and yes, I still have all my fingers

Shopping at Walmart with Becky. I believe she knows everyone in
her town and they were all shopping at Walmart. 

She knows me... TACOS!

Eating tacos. I heard a noise that was similar to when I was feeding the elk
and looked up and realized that my girls are right... 
Becky and I are both noisy eaters. I could not stop smiling.

The measuring of foreheads continues. 
I don't think Becky likes one picture of herself. 
She will just say, please don't link it to me on Facebook

Becky and her good friend Renae (I love her too)

A love from Bear upon her arrival home and yes, with
this dog, she gets plenty of slimy slobber that stays on her clothes.

 Samson and Scott

 Heading out for a third cutting of hay. He loves being on his tractor.

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