Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day brought us to a BBQ over at Brent and Carolyn's. Betty and Joe's pool is getting re-tiled and won't be ready for swimming for another week. But today isn't about swimming or shopping good sales. Right now, the VA Hospitals are under a huge scandal of falsifying the wait time records of our vets. Many have died waiting, some have killed themselves waiting too long. To think there are people that have lied about these things to get a bonus is heartbreaking. I have lost faith and trust in our government. I know these things have gone on for years, but all seems worse under Obama. I pray that we can elect someone that can inspire us and lead the way to make America strong again. Someone who cannot have a political agenda, but serves the people. I think most of our leaders forget who they are serving. Someone who can pull everyone together, so we can move forward as a country. We have to bring God back, without Him, we are nothing.

Today we had a good time and played SPUD and Joe made homemade chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream (Best in the World btw). Phoebe found an instant friend with David and Natalie's dog and she never let go of her. When the dog was so tired and would just lay there, Phoebe would snuggle up to her and wait until she was ready to go again. This is the kind of dog you dream of for your kids. It was nice just being with family and our thoughts are still very much with Kathy & Mike and his scalp surgeries.

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