Sunday, January 5, 2014


Best memory of sledding? Ransom wearing Joe's old snowmobile suit. A colorful blast from the past and it sure kept Ransom plenty warm. We could spot him anywhere! There is something mighty fine and lazy, being pulled up the mountain while sitting on a tube, but with this service comes a crowd. A quiet hill is still my favorite. We had fun and kept going and going until our 2 hours were up too soon. We were glad Nelson's joined us. It's a do again : )


Becky said...

We got a chuckle out of Ransom's snow suit! Scott was laughing, wondering where Ransom got that snow outfit, just looking at the pictures and not reading your blog. What a great time. What ski resort are you at? Glad you all dressed warmly as it looked cold. Great pictures Sis. Where did you put your camera when you were tubing down?

Birrell Family said...

Part of my bulk under my red coat Becky-
... and you thought it was all me : )