Sunday, December 22, 2013

family christmas party

Our family Christmas party was this past week. Through the years, our traditions have changed. They have to with a growing family, different schedules and grandkids. I have learned the tradition that has never changed is spending time together. So whether we are watching Christmas movies, playing games, decorating gingerbread houses or serving others... we are together and that is most important of all. I used to think we had to cram everything into the holiday season, but it left us all feeling tired and stressed. Sometimes we still try to cram, but as it gets closer to Christmas we scrape things off. They need their own family time and traditions, and many are the ones we did when our kids were younger at home. They have also come up with many new traditions that I wish we had done.

This year we had a Hickory Farms and appetizer dinner and each family came up with their own Minute to Win It game. Easy and fun!

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Becky said...

You sure know how to plan the parties and the grand kids are getting right in there now. Loved the pictures of the stockings on their little heads...they're following by example!! I've yet to watch Minute To Win It but all I have to do is look at your blog:)! Any party is a good party with your family gathered around!