Monday, December 30, 2013

birrell family christmas party

The Birrell Family Christmas Party was over at Scott and Jill's this year and we had a wonderful time.  It is always good to see everyone. With the grandkids, it is an explosion of noise and energy. But, boy they are sure fun! We played the candy bar game and a lifesaver relay. This year, we thought we would keep it simple and do only appetizers, but we left just as full as ever with all of our favorite treats. Thank you Scott & Jill!

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Becky said...

I'll call you for some of these great game ideas for our Awana kids...they look like so much fun and simple to do. I think you could start a new blog (or add to your business) about family fun ideas. You are so if you only had more time!!! I know Jan. is a hectic month, business wise, and will keep you in my prayers.