Saturday, October 19, 2013

meet the orem city candidates

The questions and answers at the Senior Friendship building were good this past week. I was disappointed that the large room was only half full, of the same people I see time and time again at these events. I wonder how to get a wake up call out to the public about issues that Orem is facing... Utopia. Increasing taxes. Midtown Village (huge unfinished building in Orem). Care Tax. Transparency. Becoming more pro-business. Sign ordinance. 

I talked Kelsie into coming because Larry was in school and she ended up really liking it. That made me very happy. There is big money backing the candidates that seem to want to carry on politics as usual and Orem city is filled with their big signs everywhere. Hard to fight against, but we continue to get the word out and hope.

My picks? 
Richard Brunst, Sharon Price Anderson, Wayne Burr and David Spencer

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