Friday, October 18, 2013

last day in tennessee

I was able to spend my last day in Tennessee going to Heritage Days. The perfect day of fall leaves and cool weather in downtown Rogersville. I can see why it's one of Becky's favorite weekends and was so happy to finally experience it with her. Handmade crafts and foods, singing and friends. In a small town, I believe she knows just  about everyone and his so loved. She is like a light of goodness wherever she goes. I love my bedtime chat's in the dark with Ethan and the feeling that is in Becky's home. This week went by so quickly with plenty of memories and lesson's learned. Then it was time to say goodbye yet again. We do it pretty quickly at the curb. Hurts too much to stretch it out and words just aren't needed. My heart is in two places and it's hard, but I also know how very blessed we are and thank the Lord daily. Here is a peak into Becky's life.

Passing this truck in the parking lot made me take a second look.
hello country life...

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