Thursday, September 12, 2013

first day of kindergarten and college

I think as we get older, we can see the circle of life more clearly. Our lives are filled with beginnings and ends. Part of me feels so very empty and sad that our youngest is in college, but it also brings me comfort too in surprising ways. Life is full and they are making good choices and life is becoming more about each of their individual lives / families than about our family when they were all at home, just as it should be. I am thankful these girls love, serve and forgive each other so quickly, which brings me joy beyond measure.

With Abby, I will miss: No more 'school shopping' even though I was not always a willing participant. Abby's list making. Omelets to go in a paper cup with a quarter cup of ketchup (slightly over exagerated). Sometimes we both over slept and needing to drive her to school. Wondering why she has a winter coat... she never wore one to school. The familiar and good teachers that all of our girls have had and yes, even parent teacher conferences. Abby being mad at me half the time because she just isn't a morning person... especially with a talkative mom so early in the morning... followed by a text later in the morning that said "I'm sorry I was ornery". Making her the same lunch everyday until she finally said she was tired of turkey, mustard and cheese sandwiches... yippee! We moved on to a variety of Snackster sandwiches. Learning it was better to text her "awake?" than to flip her lights on. Late night homework. She will be going to Utah Valley University (UVU).

Conrad begins school. Yep. Kindergarten. He see's life through such happy, friendly eyes. Tender hearted. Always ready to give hugs. Silly. Loves to wrestle. Loves the sciences and discovering new things. Read books and snuggle. Watches over Phoebe and Morris. Always ready for an adventure. Is a different super hero each day : )

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