Thursday, August 29, 2013

tree party

So what do we do when we have overgrown trees that haven't been trimmed for years and the bid to trim them all would easily be $800? Why order  pizza of course and count our blessings over and over again for our family that are so willing to come help. Smiths, next door had a tree fall on their roof this past storm and the guys were able to help remove that too. Kaitlyn, Josh's sister, dropped by for pizza and we met her new boyfriend Bob. Thank you BIG TIME everyone. You are much loved and appreciated :)


miss ali said...

I love that your family can turn anything into a party! So fun.

Becky said...

Now that's a good excuse for these guys to go tree climbing! I love your locust tree and hope you didn't trim it too much :) I see Ron there. Please tell him hello from Tennessee and hope you're feeding him well. I'm sure he appreciates his wonderful neighbors helping him out. Love you guys and miss you!