Sunday, April 28, 2013

hands full

We are being taken over by kids and loving every minute of it. I like to watch the guys loving on the kids, whether it's their own child or a niece or nephew... or both.

For the championship game night of college basketball, I thought I would shock them and run down with a bloody stump during half time, in honor of the Louiseville player who broke is leg horrifically during a game. A couple of quick looks and they went back to eating their snacks, though Conrad did ask if I was going to die :)


miss ali said...

i laughed out loud when i saw your stump! so funny.

Becky said...

Great picture of Tyler..I bet there's not a moment of quiet at your house now. Brenda, you're a little crazy :)Was that ketchup on your stump? I was watching that BB game when the player broke his leg!