Sunday, March 3, 2013

love dinner

Love dinner time. All I have to do is say, "Oh is that the mailman that just drove by? I wonder if he left anything?" The squeals begin and our girls run to the mailbox for their invites to the love dinner that will be in the near future. They like to look forward to it. It's something that Larry and I like to do for them to show them how much we love them. When they were little we used to do it on Valentines, but now with their own growing families, we pick a Sunday in February. I can see sometimes how strange our family must seem, but I think it comes from raising a house full of girls... the guys are good sports and play along, I think having good food helps :)

This year we made Wedge Salads, Chicken Alfredo and Creme Brulee. We gave each of them $10 to bless the lives of others. We will get together some other time and talk about how they used it. Then we divided into teams and the Minute To Win It Games began... it was a fun night spent together in our pajamas.


Becky said...

Life with girls is fun. I got on line and checked out the Minute To Win It games...never heard of them (not watching much TV :) Ransom is a good sport and Conrad right along with him! My Lucy and Jack are adorable. I sure love you guys and can't wait til summer to hug you for real...this across the miles only goes so far!

Karen Decker said...

you guys are way fun!

Becky said...

Your gift idea of giving the girls $10.00 and having them bless the lives of others is reaching all the way to Tennessee and affecting lives here♥ Love you my dear sister. Thank you for your example of loving one another.