Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a night out

Tonight at church, Abby's young women's group volunteered to watch all of the babies, young children, older kids of our entire church family and our extended families to earn another service activity for their young women award. They broke the kids into age groups, Lucy was the prize of the night, all of the Beehive girls wanted to hold her. I hope they do it again. The gift of time together was priceless...

We ate BBQ at the locally owned Smoking Apple (do again YUM!) then headed over to Farr's Fresh for some ice cream to fill in the cracks. It was very nice and yes, we did get Abby a dinner to go :)
A big thank you to the young women and their leaders!!!


Becky said...

What a treat for you all! Plus Abby got a special meal at the end. You'll have to take me there this summer (after J Dawgs!) I keep smiling're looking like our dear Aunt Nancy :)

tyler + linds said...

that was such a fun night. wish they did it every month so we can play. i love my little prize :)