Friday, December 7, 2012

happiest place on earth

Disneyland. Happiest Place on Earth we are told. The joy of seeing most all of Larry's family together... Grandparents, Siblings, Cousins, Aunts andUncles... all mixed up together. Our hotel room was not what we expected... smaller. 14 of us all smashed together, but it worked out and we were all together and I loved it, knowing these times of everyone watching their pennies are really the best of times. Scott and Jill guiding us. Where is your urgency? Kelsie asks me. Kids traveled remarkably well. Conrad sat between Kelsie and Abby in the back seat and after a fake two minute nap, stretched and said 'Good morning girls".  Snuggling with Phoebe and rubbing her tummy. In and Out Burger in Las Vegas. Missed the turn off to SeaWorld and ended up at the end of the freeway almost in Mexico. Abby, after reading these memories asked if that really happened... guess she read her way through it :) Back tracking. Eating at a great little Mexican restaurant 'Miguels' in Coronado. Listening to music. Sea World Dolphin Show was really quite awful. Petting the sting rays and dolphins was real cool. Conrad thought everything was real... yep, thought he was going into space on Space Mountain. Getting soaked on Grizzly Rapids. Tired feet. Watching Phoebe's delighted face when the Disney snow began floating down as we listened to Christmas music. No one wanted to get between Tyler and I on Splash Mountain. Conrad happily roaring back at the monster on the Matterhorn (Ransom told him it was his way to say hi, since he couldn't speak). Conrad not feeling well. Eating a free breakfast at Desert Inn, homemade sack lunch and bought dinner out.  Taking turns watching the babies. Cold Stone every night. Abby figuring out how much travel time between everything and thinking she should have brought more books. Phoebe and Conrad going on Toy Story with Scott and Jill. Kids swimming every night after the park closed. Beach time. Playing in the water and Abby collecting sea shells. Visiting with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Sonny, Aunt Nancy and Aunt Jackie over a yummy lunch at Aunt Judy's in Victorville. We were sent home with a treat bag for each one of us. Already missing them and hopefully planning a road trip to see them with Becky this summer. Ice cream in Beaver on the way home. Driving home and like the saying goes... There's no place like home and that is my happiest place on earth :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of our trip. 
Jack being loved so sweetly by the guys in the family :)

Not the perfect family picture Katie had in mind. Conrad in his
underwear and Phoebe wouldn't smile unless Katie rubbed her tummy :)

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Becky said...

I've taken at 30 minutes to look at all the pictures...several times! You've captured the trip magically Brenda, why I could even smell the ocean. Each picture brought out everyone's personality and a smile came to my heart. I especially loved seeing the grandkids and the magic through their eyes. Maybe one day I 'll be able to see Disneyland again...I was 10 years old when I was there last.Our Aunts look wonderful; seeing them brought back lots of memories so I'm planning on that road trip next summer. You resemble Aunt Nancy most. My co workers said I resembled Aunt Judy! Can't wait to give them a hug. I love you and thanks for making me a part of your trip through pictures♥