Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thanksgiving preparation

Of all the long weekends of the year, Thanksgiving weekend is by far my favorite. Family Time. Thankfulness. Friends. Counting our blessings. Turkey and pie. Chopping down our Christmas Tree. I know that when I say family time, that we get plenty of family time, but this feels different and we see each other through thankful eyes.

Today, Ashlee brought her pie ingredients and tools over and we learned how to make pies... pumpkin, chocolate cream, banana cream, pecan, sour cream lemon... out of this word good. It was hard not to jump in and start eating them today. Katie and I made the stuffing ahead of time, the way my mom has made it for years. I think we ate half of it today :) Lindsey dipped caramel apples with Conrad for the table settings and even set the table today... I  love the idea of waking up Thanksgiving Day to a beautifully set table. Conrad was a great helper in the kitchen all day, he is growing up. Kelsie helped everyone and also worked on her recipe cards to fill her new recipe box. Katie and Abby did great helping and keeping the kids entertained, very important in this growing house of kids.  Conrad and Katie got on their 'Big Helper' aprons that Becky had made the girls years ago. Talked to Becky and she was cooking in Tennessee too :) We washed and rewashed the dishes all day, but left the kitchen all clean. It was just one of those slow moving days with nothing more important to do than just being together. I needed it. It was a wonderful day with my girls.

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Becky said...

My girls are so beautiful. I know I keep saying that, but I'm so proud of the women and mothers they are! Brenda, I see a little gray at your side burns now :) I know there's nothing that brings you more happiness than having your family gathered around you. It looks like one of those perfect days at home! Love you tons.