Friday, November 23, 2012

happy #5 conrad

We celebrated Conrad's #5 birthday with family last Sunday with homemade pizza and his very own brown juice (soda pop in a bottle from Lindsey and Tyler). He loves every super hero known to a little boy, but sometimes likes to be just Conrad. He likes when someone stands outside the bathroom door  just in case there are skeletons in there. He LOVES science and is making his way through Ransom's anatomy books. Ready to give a hug to everyone... even strangers. He likes to be in charge of everyone's make believe and likes to direct us. He always chooses the pink cup and plate and likes to sit right next to me at the kitchen table. He is learning to speak in an english accent with Kelsie's help. He still likes to rip his clothes off down to his underwear and be the Hulk. Boundless energy. Joyfilled. Loved by each one of us. 

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