Friday, November 23, 2012

don williams canceled

Don Williams. The gentle giant of country music. My favorite listening music of all time. He is the first one I turn on when I am nesting at home or if I am happy or sad, or anywhere in between. His voice is the one in my head and it makes me think of my Dad.

When I found it he was coming back to Utah for another concert, I squealed and ask who was in? Kelsie. Tickets bought. Date circled. Kelsie treated me to dinner at Olive Garden in Salt Lake and we headed up to Ogden. I couldn't figure out how to read my GPS. Got lost. Asked for directions and finally made it there... just in time to look up and see the billboard that said concert was rescheduled for May. Disappointed? Yes. But time spent with Kelsie was sure nice and we laughed and talked all the way back home. Until May.

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