Sunday, October 14, 2012

utah state field trip for abby

Abby is starting to apply for scholarships and figure out where she wants to go to college. Larry, Kelsie, Abby and I went up to Utah State to check out the campus on Saturday. It is a beautiful campus and the cool weather and fall leaves just made it more so. I loved the buildings and landscaping. This is where my sister Becky (Nursing) met her husband Scott (Engineering). We planned on spending the night up there, but changed our minds and thought we would save the money and sleep in our own comfortable beds. We thought we would treat them to dinner at Maddox Steak House for dinner, but the college treated us to a free cafeteria meal and Aggie ice cream. Gas was our only cost for a good day together :) She has a lot of pondering and praying to do in the next couple of months as she figures out life after high school.  

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Becky said...

The idea of Abby possibly going to USU just tickles me. She would love, love, love it..of course Scott and I are partial. Our USU years were some of our best. I'll be praying for you Abbs as you make this important decision.