Sunday, October 14, 2012

fall conference weekend

Conference weekend is our favorite time and it only comes every six months. We listen carefully to our church leaders for two days from the comfort of home on TV... generally in our pjs, snuggled in blankets. This weekend, Abby and I sat in the kitchen a lot and she worked on her mythology project and I worked on Pebbles projects. I've learned to pray for inspiration before they begin and listen for inspired answers to come that I need. And they did. Both President Uchtdorf and Elder Holland spoke directly to my heart and I felted lifted to move forward with needed changes. For our girls night while the guys went to priesthood on Saturday night, I was going to treat the girls to dinner out, but with all the grandkids now, it becomes tricky and is more relaxing to stay home and be together. We surprised the girls and made Tater Tot Casserole that Abby  has been wanting to make for quite some time... the look of disappointment from the other girls will forever be remembered. Tater Tater Casserole on conference weekend girls night. Really? Sunday, we went to Larry's Mom and Dad's for soup and visiting. Good times.

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Becky said...

I know you enjoy these weekends of inspiration. Plus being with family. Betty and Joe look well and I know they're always so happy to have family over and see their great grandchildren:)