Monday, September 24, 2012

busy weekend and still no baby

It has been a busy few days for us. We spent Friday night and all day Saturday down at the Riverwood's Farmers Market. Chalk the Block was pretty cool with artists that filled parking spaces with cool artwork. Lots of live music, yummy food and a real fun energy. It was a good way to advertise for Pebbles and let people know that we are more than a scrapbooking store. It was nice to spend time with the girls in the booth. Whether we were at the booth, watching grandkids at home, at school, working or waiting for the baby to come... we all pitched in and are surely tired. No baby for Lindsey and Tyler yet... they are being induced this morning... Lucy Lou should be here today. Keep them in your prayers :)

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Becky said...

What a great idea of chalk and block...those drawings are amazing. Did you have a booth there? Sounds like some good PR for Pebbles. Since I already know the outcome, our Lucy took her time in entering this world. I bet she's as tired as her mom. Brenda, your family is growing by leaps and bounds...God is so good! Love you all tons and miss you even more.