Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pp party

The unpainted furniture pieces have been sitting under the patio, ready to be painted but just no time. Larry came up with the PP Party theme and invited everyone over for painting and pizza on Monday night while we listened to Phillip Phillips [American Idol. LOVE him.] It turned a dreadful chore for one into a fun event and everyone has a good time visiting and listening to music and just being together. Grateful? Words can't begin to express to my family how much their pitching in from time to time helps me. Over the years, it has been a lot. Still they show up with smiles on their faces, ready to get to work. I owe them BIG TIME. THANK YOU!!


Kat said...

So fun. Love those days like that.

Becky said...

So that's what a PP party is! Never heard of one before... Pretty creative Larry. Happy painting and pizza guys. I know your mom is so grateful. Love you all. Looks like the grand kids are getting into the action.

Decker Family said...

You do have an awesome family. :) Larry was brilliant to make it into a party!