Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy father's day

On Fathers Day, Larry worked most of the day at the hospital and came home to a nap... The best two hours we could give him. Our world needs good men and I have been blessed with Larry and now our sons who have such good and kind hearts. Missed my Dad and step Dad Lee this day, and every day. Everyone came for dinner and we surprised Larry with a blue road bike, by pooling our $$$ together. Many thanks to Katie & Ransom who patiently sorted through all of our options. It wasn't easy. Topped off with german chocolate cake and being outside. And yes... they all put up with me taking pictures of each of their families... we are growing and we sure love each one we are adding!

 Larry with Ashlee, Lindsey, Katie, Kelsie and Abby
 Paul, Ashlee and Jack
Ransom, Katie, Conrad and Phoebe
Tyley, Lindsey, Carter and baby to be in September

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Kat said...

Your family is beautiful, inside and out. Thanks for sharing their pictures.