Friday, June 1, 2012

girl time

Becky and I went and spent a couple of days with Kris and had much needed girl time. It was wonderful and I woke up thinking about the Chipotle Salmon and sweet potato fries she made. My Dad has been gone now for 10 years. I still see him in everything when I am with her. I always will. I like that. She and her new husband Steve have been working on their home and it is coming along beautifully. It feels homey and restful. Becky and I got to stay in a beautiful bedroom / bathroom that felt spa like. I can tell they love spending time in the yard because they have created a heaven on earth for all of the colorful birds and squirrels in the neighborhood… much fun to watch them play in the morning. As we laid in bed the last night, I told Becky that I wasn’t sleepy so apparently I chatted away until she sleepily mumbled through gritted teeth, ‘You would be sleepy if you quit talking.’

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