Sunday, May 6, 2012

ohs junior prom

Orem High Junior Prom was last night. Abby went with Seth Warnick and had a great time. It was a busy week for Abby... trying to find a dress, but with Orem High having the last prom in the area, the modest dresses were far and few in between. Kelsie found a pretty one on line. We ordered it quickly and said our prayers until it came and she tried it on. My friend Roxanne quickly hemmed it for us and we took the extra hem and used it to make the top more modest so Abby would feel comfortable. Annette did her hair fancy pretty and Kelsie did her makeup, with the support from all of her sisters. After all, it's not everyday that their youngest sister goes to prom. Seth's words when he picked Abby up were ... 'You look gorgeous as always' with a nice smile. She was radiantly beautiful!

Angie and Jake, Richard and Olympia, 
Parker and Melanie, Seth and Abby, Claire and Max


Becky said...

Abby looks so beautiful and I love,love her hair! I like how the dresses are modest which is not so out here. I was shocked at what some of the girls wore at Ethan's' Jr. Prom. My Abby, you are beautiful!!

Kat said...

Abby, you look beautiful. Thanks for sharing a glimpse.