Thursday, May 31, 2012

goodbye and bulk food stock up

Today Randy left for his ten week Campus Out Reach program at Dollywood in Tennessee... a bootcamp training that will help him have more confidence in approaching people and help spread God's word. He is going out on a limb here, going by faith because it certainly isn't in his comfort zone. He is trusting the Lord and is eager to go and begin living his life for Him. He is on fire and I can see where the 'Born Again' phrase comes from when I talk with him. He left in the morning to get a haircut and came home with a choppy cut from a ninety year old barber with Parkinson's. We could not stop laughing hysterically. He told Becky in a stern voice to 'own the haircut' and fix it'. She did her best to even it out. Then we went to Yoders Mennonite Store and stocked up on our bulk food. Her cupboards are full and Scott and sons will be happily snacking on it all tonight. I like being here to share these memories with them :)  

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