Saturday, April 7, 2012

priesthood meeting

We look forward to General Conference weekend twice a year. It's a weekend we get to stay home in our pjs, keep snacks handy and listen to our church leaders for guidance and inspiration... much needed in this world of ours. This year the messages were unusually clear and many times I felt were meant just for me. Some were hard to hear, knowing more changes are needed, but there is great comfort in that. We all need tweaking...

Saturday night is the Priesthood session for the men and boys 12+ and so we plan on girl time. This year the weather was no unbelievably warm for this time of year. Ashlee was sick and needed sleep so badly. We picked Jack up in the stroller and went for a nice walk down to the river woods for a treat. The boys would throw blossoms in the fountain and make wishes. Carter wished for a million dollars. Conrad wished for a toy. It took longer than planned as Conrad spent time off trail exploring and every so often the kids needed to stop and take a look at Jack. Little Phoebe also insisted on walking back home all by herself and is as cute as can be!

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Becky said...

There's no way you can rush kids! Sounds like they had a ball. My wish is to be there with you! All my girls are beautiful next to the fountain. Lindsey is glowing :)