Thursday, April 5, 2012

new hair and a soccer game

Katie is making her way back to her roots. Born a blondie like Phoebe, but over the years, her hair has gotten darker. I think she was pretty nervous, but with Ransom's encouragement she jumped in. He loves it. We love it.

Conrad had his first soccer game of the season and we all went to cheer him on... it was honestly like herding cats. Kids were running the wrong way, some were crying, others were just not interested. There was a kid who was real good... must have had older siblings who played? Conrad ran to the end of the field and threw himself into the goal. A set of parents asked what that 'kid' was doing there. I replied with a smile, 'that kid, is my grandson'. The entire game was very entertaining.



Becky said...

You have been blogging. I thought her blond hair was natural:)I love her any which way and I bet her hair will be easier to take care of. We've been to our share of soccer games with the Pee Wee division. They are a hoot to watch!

Cristina said...

haha that soccer game sounds entertaining! and katie's hair looks so cute!