Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life Lessons

A deep thought I woke up with. Sometimes the lessons life teaches all of us take time to learn... before we have an ah ha moment. I read somewhere that we waste up to 5 years of our life waiting... in store lines, traffic, appointments, for other people. I wonder how many years I have worried or spent time thinking about things that are beyond my control. Time wasted that I can't get back. I can only move forward, with a daily resolve to let some things go and focus on the little things each day that can bring peace. I am learning that hard times can either break us or make us stronger. We can lose faith or we can grow closer to the Lord. I think it is a daily process and we will all have moments or days of both. Each day is a choice.

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Becky said...

One of my favorite sayings is " Let Go and Let God." John 3:30 says He must increase, but I must decrease. When we put our focus on the Lord, our problems seem a lot smaller. I am proud of you!