Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family History Trip

I can never thank Arlene enough. Tyler's Mom and Dad are helping me organize and document my family history and it has been a such a joyful experience. It's one of the many projects I have started and stopped through the years. They are on an LDS Family History Mission in Salt Lake and offered to help me. I know I will understand the programs more each time, but for now, I am so grateful for the help. I am amazed how quickly she knows how to search through things for documentation and how she double checks names and dates on census lists. We made such good headway today only because she worked on my family names long before I got up there. Thank you for the lunch and nice visit too... I am glad we are family :)


Becky said...

Please tell Arlene hello. Seems like yesterday that I met her at Tyler and Lindsey's wedding. I bet she was a wealth of information for your genealogy:)

MSmith said...

What a great new hobby for you - enjoy!