Sunday, October 9, 2011

home sweet home

Today we spent the day at home together... chopping buckets of peppers for winter meals, spreading compost & dividing up flowers, baking a chocolate buttermilk cake and cream cheese / pumpkin muffins and making chili for dinner, rummikub (yes, Becky won which brings her a great deal of satisfaction) and Lucky Unders. I am grateful that we find our happiness in just being together... my favorite place to be. My nephew Ethan is a remarkable young man and we love having him with us. He has two brothers, so spending time with our five girls can always be eye opening for him. While Becky is here, the world feels like it has stopped for awhile.

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The Ashtons said...

That's a really cute picture of Ashlee. Have a great time with Becky! I remember when she took the stitches out of my foot when I was a 9th grader!