Friday, October 7, 2011

becky & ethan are here NOW!

I have had October 10th circled for months... counting down in my head throughout the days, waiting for my sister Becky & Ethan to come. I went to Pebbles this morning with '2 more days' in my head, knowing I had the weekend to raise my homemaking bar at home. So, I was quite surprised when I got a phone call from Becky about 1pm.
It went like this:

Becky: Hi! I just wanted you to know we made it to Memphis and our plane is on time
Me: Huh? What are you doing in Memphis?
Becky: Why, Ethan & I are coming to see you
Me: But, aren't you coming on Monday?
Becky: You're kidding right?
Me: Of course (uneasy laugh)
Becky: You are such a tease. See you in a few hours!

Thrill & panic set in, followed by complete joy. Katie, Ashlee, Kelsie & Josh, Lindsey and Abby were all called with the happy & surprising news and I could see they thought I had lost my mind. I felt like I did. I still do. How could I have gotten the dates so wrong? Katie kept telling me to breath. Everyone quickly pitched in with grocery shopping, making beds, laundry, cleaning bathrooms & kitchen, sweeping floors and even picking up product for Pebbles. Everything that was out of place was thrown back into our bedroom (again) and we headed up to the airport to pick up Becky & Ethan. When we got home, we all had homemade chicken pot pie that Katie & Kelsie made. A crazy, happy day and I am still pinching myself that they are here.


Decker Family said...

You make me laugh.

aham said...

Funny, funny Brenda! I know you will LOVE your time with them. (I'd love to stop by or call while she's here?)