Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Shower for Erika

It was a perfect summer evening for a backyard shower. Girl across the street (Erika) will marry boy next door (Scott). Good food, a light breeze, pretty flowers (thank you ahead of time Marci... I visited your yard while you were gone on your girl retreat... just a few snips and part of you was with us) and wonderful company. I think I would be just happy throwing parties and bringing people together. It brings me joy. Afterwards, I disappointedly noticed I didn't get a picture of me or of Suzette with Erika... I love this girl :)


Becky said...

Looks like a wonderful time with your neighbors and dear friends...and you have a perfect yard for parties:) I liked your flower story.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

and you are a great party giver! it was lovely!